Post a Comment. They are in alignment with their destiny. In liturgical Yoruba the word irosun refers to menstrual blood. Due to the influence of Christianity in the Diaspora menstrual blood is often viewed as something that is spiritually unclean and necessitates keeping menstrual blood away from sacred objects.

Irosun from the elision I ro Osun meaning the spirit of Osun descends. Osun is the spirit that protects the ori and it makes the journey from Orun to Aye at the moment a child is conceived. Menstrual blood is essential to the procreation process and is the medium for cleansing the womb as the receptacle of genetic inheritance.

The use of red camwood called Irosun as an ase substance with spiritual power in making some Orisa, is I believe a substitute for menstrual blood.

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The use of camwood powder can be looked at as a request to the ancestors for their blessing. In the cycle of life, death and rebirth ogbe is the first expression of life. In irosun we have life that becomes manifest as a result of rebirth and rebirth creates the process we call evolution. Ire Awo Falokun. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Eni Irosun Meji ba ti jade si, Ifa lemi re o si gun.

Ti o dolowo gan. Suddenly la ba di olowo si. Bi loju Irosun Meji o. O ni, ah, oun [k]o ti ri owo. Ah, o ni ngba toun o ri owo yii na lo san yii. Lodu Irosun Meji o. Anyone for whom Irosun Meji is cast, Ifa says that person should offer a sacrifice because of death so s he may have a long life. Ifa says s he should worship Ifa.

S He should use plantain in a sacrifice to Ifa. Ifa says s he should offer a sacrifice to ensure long life. This is how Ifa explained it:. Ifa, please deliver me, plantains will never fail the farmer. This is what Ifa says in Irosun Meji. If Irosun Meji is cast, Ifa says this person should offer a sacrifice because of death. He called together the babalawo to consult Ifa.

They consulted Ifa and said, Baba! The dream means that you should offer a sacrifice because of death?

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Ifa says you should use plantains in the sacrifice. You should also use fish and rats to worship Ifa.

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Ifa says it will deliver this person from the hands of Death. That is how the sacrifice should be performed. The conflict was overcome. This is what Irosun Meji says. In Irosun Meji, for anyone that Irosun Meji is cast, Ifa says that person is not having economic success.

Work is not going well.

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Ifa says s he is not living up to expectations. But Ifa says if that person offers a sacrifice, the fight with poverty will be overcome, s he will begin to make progress, make money, and become rich. S he will become very rich. S he will become so rich that s he will dance and rejoice. S he will become rich in an astonishing fashion. It has gone to the farm. Where is cutlass? It has gone to the river. Idanre is a town in Nigeria. Can she live up to her potential?The cowrie shells, divination chain and palm nuts all involve symbols in a system of All of these tools must be sanctified by many ritual actions before they are used.

They are bathed in consecrated water and fed with the blood of animals sacrificed to the Orisa. Many times these animal sacrifices are part of a feast prepared for the gods and the people who worship them — a common practice of indigenous peoples. The cowrie shells are considered the mouths of the Orisa, which speak through the initiate who reads them. Each symbol is associated with a poem that the diviner may recite as the situation demands.

These poems illuminate the situation and offer a solution to the questioner. They are sacred in nature and are taken seriously when recited. The first part of the reading consists of counting the open mouths to determine the primary Odu. This is the main message. The subsequent castings allow the diviner to choose among the associated poems for the correct meaning of the primary Odu.

This is considered a very bad omen and many cleansing rituals are required to reverse such a situation. Both of these methods increase the complexity of the cowrie system by using double odus — raising the number of possible symbols to As with the cowrie divination, there are poems recited to illuminate the meaning of the symbols. The Opele has eight seed pods, divided into two sets of four separated by a short length of chain.

ose irosun

The Opele is cast by the priest so that these sets land roughly parallel, making double sets of figures, composed of the light and dark elements of each set of four. The basic combinations generated this way number When used in combination with each other, the total number of possible combinations is This is an interesting illustration of the relationship between mathematics and metaphysics.

They are very sacred and the process used to read with them is arduous. Here, the priestess acts as a mouthpiece for the words of the divine. A wooden tablet is placed before the iyanifa or babalawo. The surface is covered with termite dust from the irosun tree.Search this site. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Who and what is IFA? Orisa Oko. Spiritual Forces and Praise names. Formation of the earth. The Marriage of Earth and Water.

Yembo and Oddua. First child -Argayu Shola. The second child - Oggun. The Fourth child- Ozun.DivinationOduReligious Tenets. March 23, This beautiful odu teaches us about the power of our words, the importance of our legacy that we leave behind and our own purpose in life.

This is an odu of royalty, and this sign indicates that the person being read with the shells is of a regal nature. But being a king does not mean you get to boss everyone around — as tempting as that may be. Royalty is not just about ancestry, it is about cultivating the proper manner of conduct and recognizing what it takes to lead people.

A simple trek through any history book teaches us about good monarchs and corrupt ones.

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Kings, being given a divine right to rule, are often unchecked, untrained leaders who run amok. If they are a malevolent, ill-tempered and volatile king who lashes out at anyone who challenges his rule, they are hated by their people and become the focus of bloody revolutions. However, if they are benevolent, even tempered, receptive and responsive to the needs of their people, they will stay firmly seated on their throne of power for their entire lives as will their descendants.

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This sign teaches us that to be a good leader, one must be honest, forthright and have integrity. But just as power can cut both ways, so too can honesty be a knife that cuts the wielder and the victim. Honesty must be delivered with tact.

Tact is the sheath that keeps honesty from hurting everyone around you. Delivering truth in gentle and non-offensive ways is the mark of a good leader.

Yoruba Divination

Hiding truth behind lies or a resentful holding of the truth to avoid confrontation, however, is the mark of weakness. The king does not lie, and so we must learn to deliver the truth as a loving parent would to his children, without anger and without vengeful bitterness.

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Lying is forbidden in the odu Obara Meji. This famous saying is well-known by olorishasaborishas and aleyos in Santeria. Many times it is said as an adage to remind us all that knowledge is power and to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Obara Meji teaches us that in order to survive we must know the ways of the world, the nature of our true self, and the path to destiny.

Divination gives us a glimpse of our path toward destiny. There is more power and positivity to be found in following the behavioral restrictions, the taboos and the advise that odu gives us than just in the act of offering fruit to the orishas or taking a ritual bath. Obara Meji teaches us that knowledge is the key to our survival. Not only does divination forewarn us against our pitfalls that lead to osogbobut so too does knowledge of self. Weaknesses should be something we actively work on overcoming, healing and cultivating into strengths.

Yet it is often our strengths, perverted by neurotic behavior that manifest as our weaknesses. For example, if you are incredibly well spoken and Obara Meji does signal someone with a fast tongue that may be a strength, until those fast-flung insults and quips start flying in a moment of anger.

Now your strength of being a good speaker has become a weakness of being a rude and insulting jerk. Understanding the nature of your weaknesses is half the battle, and Obara Meji teaches us that it can save our very lives. We often forget the power and influence that our words have over others. This is the power of Obara Meji.

We are well served to remember the power of the tongue when we are under the influence of Obara Meji. We can utilize this power to our advantage if we are crafty, intelligent and strategic.Post a Comment.

What is Ifa? Ifa The true Religion of Yorubas. Ifa Divination and the I Ching. What would happen if, when you consulted the I Ching, you did not stop after throwing the coins six times? What if you threw them seven, or even eight times? Essentially, if you did throw the coins eight times, you would have entered the world of Ifa divination. Ifa is an oracular system that originated in Africa, and today has many variations.

It is very instructive to compare the I Ching as an oracle with Ifa as an oracle, because both of them have a basis in binary mathematics, but are differently conceived. To begin, we said that the oracular principle would always operate, so that whatever oracle you used, you would always obtain an apt and appropriate symbol that would really correspond to the question you have asked. Some people have tried doing consultations with only one coin, for example. But again, we said that the answer obtained from an oracle is always symbolic, and always requires interpretation.

So you ask your questions, and you put a gun to his head and tell him he must say either yes or no. He is a great teacher, so he answers honestly, and really is wise, but this set of rules greatly restricts the interaction. You are really letting the oracle speak to you with a very nice and nuanced vocabulary when you use the I Ching.

Yet the I Ching system is manageable, because the symbols break down into related groups, and you can learn their characteristics. All the answers are variations on a relatively small group of just 64 primary symbols. This is also true with Tarot, which is based on variations among 78 basic archetypes, and Astrology, which works off of variations of twelve signs, twelve houses and usually ten planets.

ose irosun

There are two answers to this question. The I Ching builds basic units of six lines hexagramsand each line can be yin or yang, so there are 64 primary units. Since you can get no moving lines, one moving line, two, three, four, five, or even six, the number of variations is almost limitless, even though you will get only one of 64 basic hexagrams in your reply. In Ifa, the symbolic structures are built with eight basic units, each of which can be in effect heads or tails, so they build up possible structures.

So the overall system just has the basic variables. If we translated to I Ching terminology, it would be like having hexagrams octograms, really!These are the universal energies that give birth to all given circumstances and situations, all the blessings and misfortunes of the universe are contained within them. They hold the key to all the blessings and all the misfortunes of life and death.

II II. Ejiogbe — Ode Otun.

ose irosun

Oyeku Meji — Ode Apa. Iwori Meji — Ilu Igodo. Odi Meji — Ode Eju. Irosun Meji — Ode Idere. Okanran Meji — Ode Itile. Ogunda Meji — Ilu Oko. Otura Meji — Ode Ipapo. Irete Meji — Ode Emere.

Ose Meji — Ode Ibadan. Ofun Meji Eepa!

5.0 Irosun Meji

Thank God, with work like these there is hope that our heritage will not be lost to the western believe and custom. I recently discovered that my Ifa is ogundabede. Edumare a gbe wa oo. According to your odu ifa ogundabede. Eke ori obo, origidipi awo oro adiaforo won ni korubo tori arun eyin. Won ni okaranle ebo ni komase. Be sure to involve lots of lies in your sayings and you will never be prosecuted, besides, you will become succesful in life fast.

Ogundabede is odu ifa that works for people who must or is involved in not a legal business. If you have been working in a company you are only wasting your time. Ogundabede was a thief that was successful in his business. It says that through patience and good character, success will be guaranteed. Oturupon meji……. Bi ogbon ba tan ninu afi ese wa adifa fun igba irunmole ajikotun onlo gba iwa lowo eledumare, bi ogbon batan ninu afi ese wa adifa fun igba irunmole ajikosi onlo gba iwa lowo eledumare, bi ogbon batan ninu afi ese wa adifa fun orunmila baba nlo gba iwa lowo eledumare won ni ko karanle ebo ni komase….

This post is vry interesting. Thanks alot 4 d posting. Pls i kwn nothing abt ifa but i wish 2 kwn it.