GoodTimesWithScar has been declared victor after getting 10 votes.

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He will be taking the role of Mayor of the Shopping District. Hermitcraft is whitelisted Minecraft Server started in April by Generikb. They have had several vanilla and modded series. Hermitcraft is currently in its seventh vanilla season. The server is currently administered by XisumaVoidwho was one of the earliest members of the server.

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The members of the Hermitcraft servers are popular Minecraft YouTubers who have been recognised by other Hermits and have been invited to join. The Hermitcraft Wiki is a fanmade wiki: made by the fans for the fans. It is set up like a normal wiki. Anyone can edit and share. If you would like to help, head over to Community to see how we work and help each other add content to the wiki.

This wiki now has 1, pages and we felt the need for new members of staff. The wiki's staff is looking on how we can improve the wiki's rules. Anybody can edit and contribute to this wiki. We invite anyone who knows information about a subject to add it to its page. If you do not know how to edit, you could just comment your knowledge. Do not forget to read our rules. Report an issue with the homepage. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Hello and welcome to the official Hermitcraft Wiki! We are a fan-run site that aims to be a comprehensive and useful watching guide for Hermitcraft fans. Want to help out?

Make an account and check out our community page! Popular Pages. GoodTimesWithScar elected as Mayor. The poll was created at on June 30,and so far people voted.He joined in Season 2 and has continued to be an active member since and has 73, subscribers [2]. He had a prismarine base made of diamond blocks.

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He also built a large DNA structure right next to his base. TinFoilChef constructed a bunker near what is now Sahara 's main office. It is based on the Vault-Tec bunkers from the Fallout series. It also featured a massive replica of a sentinel sphere from the film Phantasmwhich is supposed to serve as a security system.

His base, a small wooden hut with windows, leads to an extensive sys of mines. He died in Demise. On his first day of Season 6, TinFoilChef constructed a wooden shack which he believes is incredibly ugly. It was partially messed up due to a creeper explosion. However, despite the shack being "ugly" it was still the main entrance to his main base.

TinFoilChef lived in a vault called bunker by many called Vault-Tec inspired by the Fallout series of video games. Floor 1 was the first constructed floor. It mainly featured farms, having a Chorus Fruit and Chorus Flower farm, wheat and potato farm, a tree farm, an automatic wool farm which broke due to the entity mishap which killed the sheep in the farma cow farm which also stopped working with the entity mishapan automatic egg farm which TinFoilChef disabled due to him having a lot of eggsand also a small brewing area.

TinFoilChef has only uploaded 6 episodes, including his trademark quick episode of which he tours his base during Season 7 because of his health. His base is similar to his Season 6 bunker as the top of his base is a small wooden shack but then you go down to get to his materials and such. So far he has not done much work on his base due to health issues, but he has found diamonds.

ImpulseSV gave him samples from his shop despite him not usually being online. On May 27,he officially returned. In his second episode back 5th episode he got an elytra and in his 3rd episode back 6th episode he got a goodie box from Keralis with full armour and tools. He mainly posts webcam vlogs where he discusses anything that happens to be on his mind, as well as having a long-running series of his journey to the Farlands as a means of raising money for charity. Sign In Don't have an account?Minecraft is known for its diversity and seemingly randomized worlds.

Upon the creation of a Minecraft save, players are given a unique series of numbers known as a seed. Seeds can be used individually and can be given to other players if the seed number is distributed.

Seeds allow for players to enjoy a large variety of generated Minecraft worlds that they may have never been able to play on otherwise. Throughout so far, the Minecraft community has shared some crazy fun Minecraft seeds. Today I will be counting down some of the best seeds of as of May.

The seed spawns players near a frozen island with a shipwreck structure on the top of a frozen mountain.

Truly Bedrock SMP | Minecraft Bedrock Edition...

In this Minecraft seed submitted by user Lightningdashr, small bodies of water fill a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and plenty of trees. The Desert Oasis seed was found by an unknown player and it showcases a splash of a plain biome surrounded by a large desert biome. This unique seed discovered by user Hermeticz spawns players near an ocean monument that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and spacious land.

This completely natural river separates nearby land in 6 sections and provides beautiful scenery. You know what they say… climate change is real. This interesting combination of two polar opposite biomes creates a crazy seed.

Seed provided by user SpaceBoiArt. A village spawning on a small island is a pretty strange occasion. What is even stranger is a village on an island surrounded by icebergs.

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This seed submitted by user MichaelMiller is something special. This seed was discovered by user MaidenChinah. Mountain biomes provide some of the most beautiful views in the game and this seed is no exception. The seed generated by player raining-in-konoha shows a beautifully natural mountain range with a hilltop village. To reach this point visit the coordinates [ X 35, Z ]. It is always a crazy occurrence when two generated structures spawn near each other and this is no exception.

This seed submitted by Killstepz spawns players near a mansion, village, and jungle.

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For players looking to stock up on some minerals, this seed provided by user rixstyx has a large and natural spawning veins of various ore. The minerals can be found at the following coordinates: [X This popular seed submitted by user Plebiain, features a roofed forest island that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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This seed submitted by user OneLengthyLad, features two extra-large villages separated by a dark oak forest. In this seed, a Pillager Outpost and a Mansion can be found just blocks away from each other! Seed submitted by user tankageism. This seed submitted by user TelephathicGrunt features a large number of biomes, structures, and raw materials for players to explore!

That concludes my list of the top 15 Minecraft Seeds of as of May. With new seeds emerging every day, there is no telling what kind of worlds will be generated throughout the remainder of the year!

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Welsknight vs Helsknight Backpack. By Ccchung Tags: hermitcraft, minecraft, boomer, games. Hermitcraft Boomers Art Board Print. Tags: minecraft, goodtimeswithscar, hermitcraft, chibistickers, chibi, cute, cat, fanart, hermitcraft. By BlueberyPancake. Tags: mumbo jumbo, minecraft, hermitcraft, hermit, crafting, grian, iskall, mumbo, gaming, youtube, stressmonster, xisumavoid, election, season seven, mumbo for mayor, officialmumbo, thatmumbojumbo. Mumbo for Mayor! By Britt Buzan. Tags: mumbo jumbo, hermitcraft, robot, australia.

By DoctorSiren. Tags: hermitcraft, minecraft, grian, mumbo, mumbojumbo, iskall85, iskall, gaming, blocks, top, video games, mumbo jumbo, twitch, youtube, hermit, xisuma, stressmonster. Tags: hermitcraft, hermit craft, minecraft, mine craft, docm, docm77, doc. Goatfather Sticker. By ArtfulCas.

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Tags: hermitcraft, grian. Grian Sticker. By PinkConkonut.

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Tags: hermitcraft, bdubs, bdoubleo Bdoubleo Sticker. Tags: hermitcraft, mumbo jumbo. Mumbo Jumbo Sticker. Tags: hermitcraft, iskall, mumbojumbo, mumbo, grian, sahara, digitalart, minecraft. By Peachesntea.The Season 6 world was created on the 1. The island was divided in about seven districts based on different building themes.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is written in British English. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Visit Playlist Webpage ZombieCleo's ship. A colourful ship being attacked by a kraken and other invaders, complete with dynamic armor-stand sailors and a pirate-themed dock town. Part of False's base. Features a clock tower, gardens, and many, many purple roofs. A grand monument found off the east coast of the main Hermitcraft island in the futuristic district.

This build features 4 floors and some underground space. Stated "finished" by Grian in Episode "The Journey so Far", completed as of the end of the season.

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A masterfully terraformed island equipped with some pirate houses, 2 active volcanoes one underwatera pirate cave, custom palm trees, a dying nether portal island, and a beautiful steampunk pirate ship. His former base is located in the ice burgs, next to Stress Monster. His current base is a Mushroom Island. Mumbo Jumbo's base. A futuristic, gargantuan sphere-like structure used mainly as a storage system, surrounded by a city whos buildings contain farms, furnaces and one, which is a house.

Python has several bases most notably his underwater dome-base in the Aquatic district, the lake of life located in the Medieval district, and tower bay which is a group of quartz skyscrapers in the modern district.And so the moon fell, exiling our heroes to the nether, where they would wander for countless days, searching for an escape And escape they would find, in the form of three new players and a nether portal pieced together from fortress treasures.

We're excited to announce the start of the second full season of Truly Bedrock! Featuring the return of all 16 existing members and the addition of 3 new ones more information on the Members pagethe season launched on June 6th, We've also added some exciting twists to the server in the form of new add-ons, crafted by our members, including a death counter, custom armor stands, a custom wandering trader inventory, and the highly anticipated player and mob heads!

You can find out everything you need to know about the new season, and download our starting map, on the Season 2 page.

Season 1 is now over! Thank you so much to all our wonderful fans for helping make it a huge success. As a thank you, we've put together a download of our final world. Now you can explore our bases, play our minigames, wander the shopping district, and more! Head on over to downloads and jump on in! Season 2 Play Along Download Want to play along on the exact same world with all of the packs and addons?

Head over to the Season 2 page for a world download! Truly Bedrock is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Survival Multiplayer Realm made by content creators who make videos of their builds, let's plays, farms and other role playing fun. Featuring 15 members, we have recently finished recording our Season 0 Beta series and are starting our full first Season 1.

Check out Zloy's video to find out more about Truly Bedrock Tweets by Truly Bedrock. Announcing Truly Bedrock Season 2! Season 1 Map Download!

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Truly Bedrock S2 Episode 2! Bedrock Edition Survival Let's Play!