Contemplating getting the Garrett Zlink module, since it has the same latency as the WM module. Anyone using it? If so so, any compatibility issues? You need more than the receiver module. The Garrett Z-Lynk system is proprietary. It will work fine with Equinox but you need both the transmitter and receiver module. I actually have the Z-Lynk system but have been meaning to get it advertised for sale.

You can probably get it for nearly the same cost as the Zlink that way and without all the claptrap hanging off your control pod headphone jack. I've got the z-lynk setup on my Makro Racer but I tried it on the Equinox last night and it works fine. Since Z-Lynk employs its own transmitter and receiver when you get the entire system, it will work with any detector that has a headphone jack.

Currently the Garrett AT Max is the only Garrett detector that has the transmitter portion built in, so you do not need the separate transmitter module. I think Steve is selling a New WM08 with or without the charging cable It almost makes me suspect that Minelab really does not want to sell the WM 08 separately. The only reasonable way to get one is buy the Equinox Maybe by pricing the WM 08 sky high Minelab is trying to create perceived value in buying the versus the Minelab WM08 -- proprietary to the Eqx, 18 hours est.

Garrett Z-link -- compatible with any detector, 20 hours est. Quest Wire free Mate -- compatible with any detector, 33 hours est. I don't know the speed of the Quest unit. Can't believe it isn't sold already.When it comes to treasure hunting a metal detector is must needed equipment.

Two of the most leading brands in metal detector making are Minelab and Garrett. There are many detectors that are made by these two brands and the most popular metal detector model in each brand is the Minelab CTX and the Garrett AT Pro. These two models in the two brands have been dominating the market and are having a neck to neck competition amongst the customers.

At a glance the two units seems to have the similar looks but when gone in detail it will be clear that there is more to each product and the CTX will have the upper hand. The main concern that the CTX have is concerning the price. However, it should be clear that a quality product with a lot of feature will cost more than a basic one. This CTX vs. AT Pro head-to-head comparison will hopefully help you make a better and informed decision of which metal detector to go with.

This first part looks at the main features of these two metal detectors — these main features are often the deciding factors when it comes to selecting a hosting provider. With the adjustable strap which can be connected to the forearm and the sleek lightweight design for easy handling.

Both the detectors can be seen as all terrain detectors.

Minelab Equinox 800 vs Garrett AT Pro

Both the systems will be using headphones so that the user has complete focus on the work at hand. Each system has its own ergonomic design which makes them unique. When coming to the features the Minelab CTX will have features like being waterproof up- to 10 feetPC mapping using Google maps which is a very valuable feature, wireless audio, quick menus, Multi-language and GPS locating.

The features that the Garrett AT Pro will have are high resolution iron discrimination, waterproof Can be used in water up to foot depthdigital target, pro mode audio, versatility, ground balance, 15 KHz frequency and graphic target analyzer.

It is usable in humid, wet or dry conditions with all terrain versatility. The coil in the Garrett AT Pro is also the same making the added features and the price the tie breaker of the two systems. AT PRO is a lower mid range machine. With Target Trace and Target Separation, you can identify multiple targets simultaneously for accurate detecting results.

Smartfind 2 provides digital signal processing and precision FeCo Ferrous Fe and Conductivity Co discrimination, with color target information, for the best target identification results. There are many replacement parts for both the detectors at affordable prices. In conclusion if the price is not a huge burden for you the best choice that a pro treasure enthusiast can go for is the Minelab CTX due to the vast amount of features the unit will have over the Garrett AT Pro.

If the price is a big issue the best option is to go for a Garrett AT Pro even though it has only the basic features.

It is probably the best machine in its price range. However, both the units are up to standard. In the end it comes down to where you hunt and what for, and actually how much you want to spend. Minelab Eureka Gold Review. Brands Garrett Minelab. Share on Facebook. Popular Posts. Recent Posts. We at MetalFindr are committed to provide you latest info about whats happening in metal detecting world. Contact us: info metalfindr.The E-trac and Safari were considerations, but I really wanted something waterproof.

Thanks for the input. I have the Nox and They aren't going anywhere until I see something substantially better which will probably be the Equinox version 2! San Rafael Native.

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Posts: 12, I got a a and its my primary detector now. Garrett AT Pro, Ace Equinox Life member of Ring keepers!

garrett at pro vs minelab equinox 800

John Luke Oldest U. I will mostly be hunting fields and beaches. Unit does not come with manual. My take here. PA Posts: 1, I have both a and Nox. I sold my AT Pro and love both my Equinoxs'.

I keep a 6" coil on the and the stock coil on the I only dig dirt so I can't comment on water hunting. I am very pleased with both my machines. Well sorry, but not sure if you can get anyone to admit they actually own a Nox or even talk about it.

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Check out my channel if you get time. It is a great machine I am sure you will be pleased. HH and GL!! Minelab Equinox Hi to everyone, I'm looking to buy a Minelab Equinox and was wondering if anyone has any feedback. Surf Master. Great machine.

Minelab Equinox 800, AT Pro и GM 4 на плотной мусорке

The Equinox is also very lightyour arm wont feel like its falling off after swinging for 8 hour'shappy hunting, Earl. Last edited by Surf Master; at AM. I've looked at some of Minelab's other machines and I keep getting drawn back to the Rattlehead's review and thoughts are pretty much the same as mine.

I got a a and its my primary detector now.I have recently came across a gently used Safari with plenty of warranty left on it. Would purchasing the Safari be redundant with the Eq coming? The Safari, Explorer and Etrac are heavier than the Equinox. I always loved the audio on the three pre-equinox machines mentioned, but the weight caused me to sell.

But I liked the Explorer and Etrac a lot. The Safari as well as the other two have a much slower response between targets than the Equinox. They're not very good in heavy iron but they'll still find deep targets with practice. They could be deeper in perfectly clean ground but you'll never find a clean area around old home sites.

Controller remapper

And that's what convinced me in my ground and where I hunt. I agree with all of marks comments. I sold my safari for the funds to preorder EQ but I also felt I would use it way less after I got the Nox, especially at homesites. The weight was a factor but less so. I personally would recomend an etrac or ctx the nox is not finding much for me at all yet ive had it about two weeks and no silver yet i guess ill have to get my ctx out to find silver really disappointed in the nox so far.

From what I have read in early reports from users, the Equinox is probably not as good on ID and depth numbers as the Etrac, but may more than make up for it in trashy areas with its better separation.

At least that's the hope. Also, the Equinox is waterproof.

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If the Equinox is disappointing, I'll sell it. Good stuff. Give me some concrete reasons to cancel my order. I've been waiting for 5 months and you have given up on it in a little over two weeks. Impressed the first day, not so much now.The point is, a classic vlf detector will show a very deep signal for both low conductive and high conductive coin at the end of its VDI range or already in the small iron ID.

Equinox my tiny 13mm I did a quick test on my ATP that I got back from repairs but I only have the new 9x12 concentric coil on it as the dd is marginal. The machine has the latest firmware as well. Not sure if the coil type is making the difference or the firmware or combination of both but what I found is that the vdi does not jump as much and stays within just a couple numbers keeps those numbers until it hits the fringe or fall off of the signal that is much much shorter.

Getting same results with quarters, nickels and copper pennies. I do remember the vdi varying much more and having audio and no vdi on deep or distant targets with the old dd prior to breaking.

I'm not sure if I like the abrupt fall off on signal or vdi yet, will try it in the field and see. Is that a air test? Yes air test as the ground here is on the frozen side. Stock dd old firmware " in mild soil I could get a reliable vdi. My old air test sheet where I marked all my coils and machines on the concentric gains maybe an 1" but that is also on the repaired machine with new firmware.

VDI readings are consistent to just about the fringe and vdi drops along with the audio now. In other words if the target is out of range there is no audio still.

That is ok because depth is about the same but I think the new firmware seems to be lacking the nuances the old firmware had. I liked that audio variation.

garrett at pro vs minelab equinox 800

For me I work off the audio as it better tells me what the target is and how deep vs a display reading. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. Authorized To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. Minelab partner of the yearCustomer service awards '12 and ' I could probably write for 20 minutes why the Minelab is better but I see no point as 5 people who have owned AT pros for 6 months will say they're just as good, and that's cool too.

Only consensus seems to trump experience on here way too often so I ask myself what's the point. I had my GTI for about two years, and explorers for the past So if your results aren't great don't expect them to change much just because you change detectors.

In fact, things might even get a little worse before they get better, because that is what happen to me and is normal when you change to something new. Iron Patch, I've read quite a few of your posts and they always make great sense.

Minelab Vanquish vs. Garrett Ace.

It's obvious you know very well what you're doing in this hobby and that's partly why I started looking more at the Explorer. Lightningjack, I notice that you have both detectors listed. Do you still actively use both? I'm considering keeping the ATP to use in fresh water where there's much less trash and thinking maybe the Explorer as an option for old farmhouse sites, etc.

I don't have any other hobbies and don't mind making the investment if it's a good idea to do so. Waterproof feature is nice with the AT Pro and that's why I bought one as a rainy day detector. OP, as well as some others here, have mentioned depth as a consideration- Since you have used both and in the same places, do you notice much of a depth difference between the Explorer and the ATPro?

garrett at pro vs minelab equinox 800

Just curious. I'm sorry these detectors are not even close!! The atp is a nice detector but it can not compete with any explorer in the hands of a skilled operator. I'm sorry if this offends anyone. I have hunted with people that use the atp and are skilled with it but 10 out of 10 times my se pro will smash the atp.I have ran the at pro a lot of years,and was totally disappointed when I bought the AT max.

No regrets!! It is an amazing detector!! Go with the Nox! San Rafael Native. Posts: 12, Minelab or nothing! Garrett AT Pro, Ace Equinox Life member of Ring keepers! John Luke Oldest U. Both good machines but the equinox slams all other machines.

The hype on this machine is so real! Must be an echo in here. Im gonna follow the choir and say EQ or I purchased it new last month and then decided to change directions and dive in a bit deeper. I'll make you a heck of a deal on it. Take advantage of my indecisiveness. The last detector I used was Atpro and Minelab x-terra and I love them both, im looking at either getting the Garrett At-max or Minelab equinoxwhich one do u guys think is better?

Thanks I'm an AT Max user, and would have totally recommended that, but you're already familiar with Minelabs. Makes the most sense, considering the learning curves, and capabilities.

garrett at pro vs minelab equinox 800

Go for it. Love the machine and have found many fun things. I can't compare it to the Nox, because I've never used one, but I've seen reports that the Nox really excells at unmasking targets in iron.

I went back and forth for a couple of months trying to decide am I am happy with my decision. I still have and use the AT Pro but now I have options. Good luck and let us know what you decide. Nox for the win! Equinox all the way. Garrett At-max or Minelab equinox I been out of the game for 2 years now and im getting the itch to start back up again, I recently moved to Millsboro De its 20 mins from OCMD and Rehobeth beachso I will be detecting land and beach.

I was considering both of those and went with the Equinox. Out of those two,definitely the equinox. Originally Posted by woodbutcher View post Out of those two,definitely the equinox. I got the Max and then got the equinox.